Financial Planning

As an extension of our practice, we have a strategic partnership with Spectrum Strategies, LLC to bring financial planning services to our clients.  If you have an interest in getting your current financial picture more organized, be more intentional with financial decisions you are making, and have a clear road map for the goals you are trying to accomplish in the future – we would be happy to introduce you to our team.  They can provide you with an initial consultation at not cost to better understand your situation and share a sample of our process so you can determine if there would be a good fit for you. 

History of Spectrum Strategies, LLC

Spectrum Strategies, LLC (SSLLC) is a registered Independent RIA founded in 1999 by Gary Lewis and Partners Jaime Galvan and Truman Blocker.  The vision was to create a client-focused planning process for individuals and families who desired to go beyond a product analysis and create a relationship with an advisor.  Our comprehensive planning process is executed by using a 12- month engagement agreement with clients, to not only establish goals and identify gaps, but work together to execute the strategies needed and monitor the client’s progress.  Since our inception, SSLLC has assisted advisors in building over 1,000 plans for families and small business owners to help them have a well-defined plan to achieve their goals.     

The SSLLC team has grown over the years, accommodating the demands of maintaining a high level of client touch.  The team includes:

Jaime Galvan, CFP® and Founder - 29 years
Truman Blocker, CFP®, CLU and Founder - 28 years
Billy Geiler, CFP® - 18 years
Matt Lemmond, CFP® 
Landon Vaughan
Matt Lemmond and Landon Vaughan joined SSLLC in January 2020.
Office Operations Staff
Cynthia McWain, Chief Operating Officer - 20 years
Tori Glass, Para-Planner - 6 years